Harper is back with another tribute to Victoria Beckham

Dear Victoria,

One year has passed since my last post, post I dedicated to you.

Over the course of the past year, I worked for denim brands and practised yoga a lot but as you might have noticed, didn’t write a single word. I didn’t feel like it. Inspiration was gone. I needed to reload my brain as far as fashion was concerned.

But looking at your AW 19 collection, Harper’s heart started to race again.

So it seemed natural that I should pick up where I left: with you.

In your AW19/20 collection, you bring back a certain stereotype of the 70’s « bourgeoise ». You use iconic features such as knee-length skirt, pointed collar, silky blouse, mohair tight sweater and a posh metal chain graphic.

But you keep the strictness aside and bring a contemporary laid-back attitude forward.

Your coats are still fabulous. They just hang perfectly.

You are not afraid of total looks.

Your dresses are more and more desirable (at least to me) because far less formal and sophisticated than ten years ago.

You delicately scatter pastel and vibrant colours among the apparel and footwear which reminds me of your Britishness and its inherent whimsical touch!
Big applause to your yellow pumps even if they are far too high for me but I know you can’t concentrate in flats…

After a glimpse at your Croisiere 2020 collection,  I can assert for good there is and has always been more to you than a frozen pout.

Between you and me, there are two people in the fashion world I would love to meet: you and Mr. Francois-Henri Pinault. Let’s just hope my wishes come true…

Truly yours,