An Open Letter To Victoria Beckham

Dear Victoria,

It has been 10 years already since you decided to make a true life of yourself out of the red carpet business.

Your business always has a lot to do with red carpets of course. However it is no longer about YOU showing up in stunning or outrageous outfits. It is about what YOU think a woman should wear these days.

OK, I’ve always been a huge fan of you, Victoria. And from Day 1.

How could that possibly be? Truth be said, I had great fun listening to the Spice Girls, these girls being so delightfully British. I remember my friends back then scoffing at me for admiring you. But I’ve always thought there was more to you than just a frozen pout. Nothing really rational, something to do with my unconscious self I guess.

Then came the magic year of 2008 when you decided to create your own brand. You did arouse my curiosity then, especially with these rumours of Roland Mouret designing for you. Spiteful tongues!!! Whatever role Roland Mouret had in your business, you made it happen.

Your first collections conveyed an asserted sense of sophistication executed in a refined style where voluptuous dresses played the prominent role. I must admit I never tried them on because believe me, dress does NOT suit me just fine!

The most remarkable thing in a century of short-term profit is you waited until SP13 to introduce separates. You probably realized status and formal wear did no longer mean the same thing as in the past and women now thought about their daily program before dressing.

And there was more to that. Athleisure and fast fashion had dramatically shifted the attire. So from then on, your collections took the “casualisation” road.

From that turning point, you explored different paths.

Playing with volumes leaving the fitted dresses aside.

Playing with boyish looks leaving the feminine fuss aside.

Playing with colour-blocking and graphics leaving the plain silhouettes aside.

Playing with coats and shirts… which reminds me of Phoebe Philo, the Queen of coats and shirts. Not that I want to make a comparison. That would be unfair.

Your collections always conveyed an architectural structured look whereas Ms Philo offered hanging loose suits and looks with drapy materials in a much more laid-back way. But I reckon you both wanted to address the same woman with a modernist formal cool flair.

If your collections always offered a hint of bling and Posh DNA, your last FW18/19 took the path of minimalist luxurious aesthetics so truly Phoebe’s. Your focus on suiting with military details, the mix of cuts, the layering, the pleats inserts, the long oversized knitted pull-over hood show how you pushed your own boundaries to a new sharp and discreet land where women have things to get done.

And I can’t wait to get things done in one of your FW18/19 designs.

Truly yours,