Chuck Taylor: the King of Sneakers

As a genuine fan of the Chuck Taylor since Day 1, Harper recently marveled at how two brands revamped the silhouette: Marni and Nigel Cabourn in collaboration with Maison Mihara Yasuhiro.

Both styles share some common features, the first being a crafted flavour. Looking at them, you picture a painter or a sculptor fussing around his studio deconstructing the sneaker, melting the sole, dripping paint, destroying the canvas… giving life to the perfect representation of his favorite sneakers.

They also share a new roughness: a melted look for both, rope laces, an uneven hand-drawn logo and line around the sole for Marni.

I like the glossy look of the Marni style where both the sole and the upper part are lacquered. The way the lacquering treatment is executed gives a melting look to the shoe. I also like the use of rope laces contrasting with the lacque. For those lacking a dash of daring, don’t worry, they also come with a regular pair of white cotton laces.

Talking about a melted look, this is the whole point of the collaboration between Nigel Cabourn and Maison Mihara Yasuhito. The thick melted sole gives some softness and a comfort feel to the pump. I don’t know if they are heavy but I’ve got the feeling they fit like slippers. In my dreams, I would buy the denim high top but unfortunetaly they are not or no longer available.

For now, in these times of confinement, I will have to enjoy my regular Chuck Taylor or do with my treasured pair of L’Eclaireur x Maison Mihara Yasuhiro:

L’Eclaireur x Maison Mihara Yasuhiro – Circa 2013/2014